1. In a peace is a man’s life
2. I put my own house
3. The sun with the Moon
4. The tunes of Unhook
5. To the death of Huger Leeann
6. The devotion to Man Hoax Jan
7. I address to the Moon with a wine
8. I have met a stranger at the gate
9. A man in the mountains
10. The bell is heard in the temple at midnight
11. Everything is sad
12. If I lose my way
13. If life is in our world
14. I can hear the rain to make noise
15. To A great ruler of the life
16. The poems about short life
17. To the wine
18. I come back to my old dwelling in the mountains at winter day
19. Having seen a flower called “white-headed- old man”.
20. I am sitting alone in the Mountains of Tszintinshan
21. Staying in bed at daytime
22. The travelling to habitants of the heavens
23. A pale sun to the night…
24. It is about Yuan Dan Tsco who lived as a hermit in the mountains