Cherry Garden of Jim Hendricks\ An Island of Aphrodite

1. The day will come
2. The gesture about unexplainable
3. My friend pony
4. The song of hippie
5. Cherry garden of Jim Hendricks
6. God is more powerful than we are
7. If I were rich
8. The requiem for 6 strings guitar and python
9. A lovely friend
10. In the kingdom of masks
11. The geishasí exhibition
12. The last night
13. I donít promise the happiness
14. As a fool
15. The astronauts
16. Tomorrow
17. You have left again
18. Blue diamond
19. A short skirt
20. I had been after travelling
21. Baby
22. I donít know
23. It is impossible to catch the tune
24. Let me little bit, please
25. I believe at any way
26. The wind knows an answer
27. Rondo about the wind
28. The pigeons lose their feathers
29. Once Master zinger lived
30. Everyone hides something