1. Illumination 1978 and collage of “Bosiaki”, June 1970
     Y.M. - vocal, the guitar, bass. A Kuznetscov – vocal, the guitar.

2. 1972. The fragment “Improvisation with harmonica”
     Y.M.- the guitar, S Lusin –harmonica.
     “Having heard Motscart”
     Y.M.- vocal, the guitar. S.Lusin- the acoustic bass, V. Golodniy- the drums.
     1973. June. VSDH2
     Y.M.-vocal, bas, an electric guitar, S.Lusin- the acoustic guitar, M.Krstich- harmonica, V.Golodniy- the drums, N.Morozova- back vocal.
     1974 ”A dream was at that day”, “Baby”
      Y.M. - a vocal, the guitar, the bass. S Lusin- the guitar, the flute.
3. 1975ã. Softly, Softly. I`m not your steppin` stone
     Y.M. – a vocal, the guitar. A.Voloshko- a bass. V Rybakov, S Dmitriev- percussion.
     Jilin, “Nose”, “Bloody Shurka”, Avagyan and others- unturned melodies.
4. The fragment “Improvisation” and “Rock for Marina”
     Y.M. - a vocal, the guitar. A Voloshko- the bass. V.Belous- the grand piano and the organ “The Youth”. Unknown – the drums.
5. 1976. The fragments: “The thoughts, the desires, the route”, Summer time
     Y.M.- a vocal, an electric guitar, the bass. S Lusin- one-voiced electric piano, an acoustic Guitar, the flute.
6. 1976. February. The memory band of M. Kudriavtscev. The fragments: “ An introduction”, The Entreaty, “ To cross water”, “ An idiot”.
     Y.M.- a vocal, the guitar. M. Kudriavtscev- a bass. G. Anisimov- the organ, G.Buganov- the drums.
7. 1977. June. Trio of Yuri Morozov. The fragments: “I don’t know what for “,”An idiot”, “Improvisation”
     Y.M.- a vocal, the guitar. M. Kudriavtscev – the bass. S Petrov – the drums.
8. 1978. February. Suida. The fragments: “Renunciation”, “The broken stuff 8”, “A frozen time”, “An eastern tetraptikh”
     Y.M.- a vocal, the guitar. M Kudriavtscev- the bass. E. Bogomolov- the pipe. Y. Nikolaev, I. Kucherov, E. Pavlov- the drums. S Lusin- the flute.
9. 1987. May. With the band “Pochta”. The fragments: “It is nothing in a pocket” , “The ballade about treachery” . June “The blues of an empty room”
     Y.M.- a vocal, the guitar. N Kadyrov- the guitar, a back vocal. A Ionov- the bass, a back vocal. M. Danelia- the drums.
10. 1988. January. An introduction word in an observatory in Pulkovo.
11. There is With DDT. The fragments: “A superman”, “A half-eaten apple”
     Y.M.- a vocal, the guitar. V. Kurylev- a bass, a back vocal. A. Vasiliev- the guitar. I Dotscenko- the drums.
12. 1988. June. With DDT at the 6th rock Festival. The fragments: “A ship of wise men”, “A monkey”
     The same people as in number 11. A Muratova- the keyboarder
13. 1989. September. The festival “Avrora”, OGPU YMorozov. The fragment ”A dustpan”
     YM- a vocal, the guitar. V Mikheev- the bass, back vocal. A Brovko- the guitar. S Agapov- the drums. D Ermakov- the keyboards
14. 1990. April. The house of culture by Lenin. The introduction words in English too.
15. The fragments: “Where the far lands are dark”, “The dance music”
16. “Hegemony”
      OGPU: YM- a vocal, the guitar. V.Mikheev- the bass, a back vocal. S Agapov- percussion, the drums. V Kurylev- the guitar.
17. 1990. May. SKK fragment: “The pornographic time”
     OGPU the same numbers of people are as in ¹16
18. 1991. March. The concert for 10th anniversary of Rock Club.
     The fragments: “The march of enthusiastic”, “Machine-Gunner”
     OGPU: YM- a vocal, the guitar. V Mikheev- the bass, a back vocal. A Brovko- the guitar. S Agapov- the drums.
19. 1992. October. SKK “Yubileiniy”.
     OGPU with a song Slow down.
     YM- a vocal, the guitar. Shandarchuk N- the bass. K Sidorova (Kat) - the drums. D Ermakov- the keyboards. VKurylev (the guitar, a back vocal).
20. 1996. April. KC. “Troitsckiy”.
     The fragment ”There isn’t any better emotions”
     Y.M- a vocal, the guitar. A Brovko (the guitar)
21. 1997. March. The concert hall next to Finliandskiy with Chijj@Co.
     The fragments: "The target”, “the Winter”, “The wolves”
     YM- a vocal, the guitar. With Chizz &Co –the keyboards. A Romanuk- the bass. M Vladimirov – the solo guitar. V Hanutin- the drums.