The Earth of Dwarves

1. Many, very many
2. When I can see
3. The time doesnít wait for
4. It is over dark-violet water
5. It is like after the travelling
6. The sun is in the fist
7. VSDH 2
8. The effect of presence
9. The last dawn
10. The cemetery of the trains
11. Love to gladiators
12. The funeral of the Virgin
13. The returning
14. Rock-n-rollchik
15. Pentesilea/ All of this is money
16. Having closed the eyes
17. At the day of suicide
18. The island of skeleton
19. The dance with herons
20. Jimís happy birthday
21. Love under the drum
22. You donít give me money
23. The march of idiots
24. We always rejoice
25. After having heard of Motscart
26. My friend pony
27. The instrumental music for the guitar and the drums
28. I want to tell you