Yuri Morozov is a many -sided musician, an author of the songs, a singer, and a recognized master of sound recording. He is a poet and a writer in literature. He has been taking a special place in a rock area of native rock for the last three decades. Though of course he is famous for his number of albums he has got more than 60 of them. They represent the range of all musical trends and genres of modern music. He has an enormous list of his works as a sound director. But the most important in his creative power and biography is the fact about his approach to the process of mechanical fixation of concert sound. It wasnt the act of recording but it was a creative power act. The album was not as a casual set of songs but it was a completed work of art.
        Yuri Morozov was born on March 6, 1948 in Belogorsk, in the Crimea. In 1960 he moved to Ordgonikidze (Vladikavkaz, nowadays). He finished school there then he graduated from minor-metallurgical college and entered the North-Caucasus minor-metallurgical institute.
        He was keen on rock- music at school yet. In autumn of 1969 Yuri formed his first band Bosiaki. It played the music of western standards but it played some of Yuris songs too.
       In summer of 1971 Yuri Morozov moved to Leningrad. He entered the correspondence department of Leningrad polytechnic institute. He could deal with radio electronics thats why he was able to make up his own home studio. He began to make the experiments with recordings and recovering, later it was multichannel recordings. As a rule all of instrumental and vocal parts he played himself. In September of 1972 Yuri was given a job in Leningrad disc recording studio. He worked as an engineer and in some time he worked as a sound director there. He had been working for all of his life at this studio.
        Since 1973 Morozovs works were widely approved in musical area. It was exactly when he recorded his psycodelic album Cherry Garden of Jim Hendricks and he began to cooperate with other bands of Saint-Petersburg. Such people took part in his recordings as Mikhail Kudriavtscev, Vladimir Ermakov, Viktor Dinov (a sound director of Melody), Sergey Ludinov, Victor Christosov, Sergey Lusin, Leonid Eselson, Igor Kucherov, Eugenie Pavlov, Yuri Nikolayev, and others. The recordings of Yuri Morozov were overspread all over the country in thousands of copies. They were in art format made up by his wife Nina Morozova.
        Musical experiments and spiritual searches of 70s made Y Morozov to be one of the brightest and powerful men on rock stage of that decade in Saint-Petersburg. He was an authority for musicians of more than two generations. His creative power couldnt meet any taboo, genre or ideological restrictions. It was out of tape-recording culture. It foresaw some of the development in tendencies of 80s.
       In May of 1987 after a decade pause Morozov returned on the stage and gave a concert at the film festival Rock-87. He was accompanied by the band Pochta. In the following year his fertile cooperation with the band DDT began. He gave the concerts over the country for half a year. He presented at VI Rock-Club Festival in 1988 accompanied by rhythm section of DDT. They were Vadim Kurylev (the bass), Igor Dotscenko (the drums). At the same time he became one of the characters of film The game with a stranger by Peter Soldatenkov in 1987.
        In 1988 the disc recording studio Melody released the first disc recording Predstavleniye by Yuri. It was a reflection of the authors works in 80s. At the beginning of 90s six more vinyl dicks of a musician were released.
        In September of 1989 Morozov formed the band OGPU by Yuri Morozov. It consisted of Alexander Brovko (the guitar), Victor Mikheev (the acoustic guitar, the bass, vocal), Dmitry Ermakov (the keyboards), and Sergey Agapov (the drums). Their debut was on February 23 at I Festival of a magazine Aurora. There were other combinations later who gave the concerts over the country. It was at the festival Burjola- 90 in Dnepropetrovsk. They gave the concerts in Saint-Petersburg (The memorial of Russian in SCH). There were concerts in honor of 50s anniversary of John Lennon and the decade of Rock Club, at the exhibition The tendencies of Russian Rock and others.
        Yuri Morozov made a lot of sound recordings. They were some albums of DDT, Yabloko, A Lyapin, V Kurylev, Tambourine, August, Pochta. The clouding area, The status, The delta operator and many others.         Chizz &Co took a special place in this list. It was exactly Yuri Morozov who recorded all of their studio material. He created a qualified sound at many of their concerts. In 1997 Chizz and his band took part in the recording of Maestro Illusion. It was released by SoLud Records.
       Since autumn of 2000 the recordings of Yuri Morozov were released with the label AnTrop.
        The discography of Yuri Morozov is enormous. It is a topic for rather big research. In March of 2005 the author completed his work at the album The naked feeling of absence. The musicians of Chizz &Co took part in the recording of it.
        In The Golden collection of Yuri Morozov we tried to present the best albums of the author, of course we couldnt have presented all of them. It is necessary to note the idea of making up of the albums belongs to Yuri. Many of his art format works have been made by Nina Morozova and A. Iosifov, a computer designer Boris Alishov, Natalia Bakhvalova and A. Vidyakinov.
       Literature was also rather important for Yuri. His interest to history, his encyclopedic knowledge, deep understanding of philosophical studying and religions, the closest was the Christianity, his art gift, a huge fantasy, the feeling of the composition of the future musical work allowed him to have created a number of writing works and poetry.
       We mention only published ones. They were the early stories in the collection Svetilnik(The lamp) 1990, the story The parachutists (in the magazine Continent 72, 2, 1992); the course of the poems Without rules ( in a poetic collection The days In Alexandria, Znanie, 2003); the novel Underground blouse (the publishing Almanac Zero presents , 1994); the story The monkey, the poems and poetries in a book Nowadays (The Society Znanie of Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskaya region, 2007); the novels Catching up the night and A blue fascist plane in a book of Catching up the night of the same edition, 2007).
        After his death on February 23, 2006 in summer of that year a documentary was filmed about Yuri Morozov by French film director Vladimir Kozlov. The French version of the film was called Underground rock of Yuri Morozov. We are waiting for a release of a Russian version of a film on DVD in the nearest future.
        Full information about the biography and creative power of an outstanding musician is possible to read in a book Nowadays.

A. Burlaka, P. Velitsckaya
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