The production is Russia-France 2007, 69 minutes

The director of the film – Vladimir Kozlov (France)

      We wanted to shoot this film with Yuri Morozov.
      In 2002 Yuri showed me his video clips; they were made with talent and taste. They hinted me to create the film about Morozov and our epoch. I was the starter director. There were a lot of materials as biographical so musical.
      The author of 60 albums, one of the head of the native rock, the poet, the musician, the writer, the sound director had the information for telling.. I opened Yuri Morozov’s music at the beginning of 80s due to Henadiy Zaitscev. He was the first president of Leningrad Rock-Club. He copied it and sent it out using the channels of hip-system to different towns of our Motherland.
      At that time he was like God who could filter out everywhere.
      He was listened to as on the land so under the water. The most of Soviet submarine absorbed his rock music as food. It was like life –energy.
      It is very difficult to find a musician who hasn’t been influenced by Morozov’s music.
      Yuri found out the illegal Russian popularity before the perestroika yet. He hid his records in old furniture of his wife’s aunts, in his own secret hiding place in his flat. The state security service was looking for them everywhere. They tried to find his origin records, sound tracks in a “Melody “studio where Yuri worked as a sound director.
      Yuri Morozov was the first in the USSR who began to compose his rock- underground version professionally. He was the first who sang about Jesus Christ in his songs. The songs impressed with their penetration, the depth and the faith.
      During the perestroika period Morozov’s woks were released officially. But the success was temporal. He did not want to live following new market laws. He hid himself from the public. But it was his private desire. It wasn’t the protest of the rebellion.
      Morozov continued to follow his own principles and ideals of his youth. He was the only Russian rock musician who influenced on me a lot as Bach or Beatles.
      The script written by me may be called author’s biography because it was approved by the character of the film himself. In the first version of the plot Yuri Morozov told himself about himself. And as Vergiliy he shows another reality of an underground world. 8mm film has information from his own published books, drawings and photos, rock works.
      Yuri died only three months before the shooting process .We were able to gather money only after 4 long years.
     I have not any idea about his illness and I was in depression to find out about it. All I have only some video with draft interview. I have recorded them when I visited Yuri Morozov and Nina Morozova.
      These stories became the basis for another film. Everybody spoke about him in the past tense but he speaks about him in the present tense.
      I want to believe this film to be able to keep the spirit, the idea of a previous film. The film I wanted to shoot with a great musician Yuri Morozov.

Stills from the film

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