A lamp.

In the collection A lamp
(L.1990. Pages- 119. Edition 5030 copies)

Two stories of Yuri Morozov are published Than the wind blew (1973) and The swimming of Magdalena (1975).

An early prose of an author reflects a creative power period of exsaltering Romanism. It reflects hypertrophic freshness of usual characteristics and natural phenomenon, feelings and movements. A watercolor of an ocean, the smell of the plants, the woods and the sky are common in these works.
People are almost wonderful, without sins, especially the women. The city is full of Wonders (Saint-Petersburg) of course. It is with its uneasy sub consciousness and invisible Venetia in consciousness, with its old flats with curved wood, with the dramas, love stories. The channels are. The dawns are. The collections of sofas are in the rubbish heap. All of this is presented in eternal beauty and impartibility of wishes.

The continent

The parachutists got into the Continent. It was when this magazine turned from Paris Dissident 72, 2 (1992) into common Moscow magazine.

The parachutists was sent to Maksimov V. to Paris who decided to type them. He wanted to make it more attractive with some youthful material. Because the content of The Continent was rather severe.
The times were when rock was spoken and bothered about it. It is shown in The parachutists rather natural.
A usually the author has a mystic context. There is a teza and anti-teza. It is from Devil or from God. Or from whom? The detailed depiction of youth sub-culture at the beginning of 90s. And there were some adventurous tours of native superstars who got into another measuring. It has touched a respectful V Maksimov. It means we are reading.

An underground blues

An underground blues is a novel.

The edition Almanah Zero presents 1994, Saint-Petersburg. Pages- 296
Colorful illustrations. The printing is 5000 copies.

Y.M.is a witness and interpretator of many interesting, strange, scandalous and unknown cultural and spiritual life of non-comfort mystical second unreality to wide public.
An author shows with humor the epoch of developed socialism. The characters of the book follow underground miners toward far and unreal light.
There are many things. They are auto-biography of a person and musician, Yura himself, the stories about other musicians and bands, the secrets of sound recording and the receipts of wrong starvation, yoga, healers, magicians, and the searcher of Shamble, the crazy people, and the prophets.
The view of the author for many confirmed values and names by public opinion. It is very unusual and reminds Russian to be people from the Mars. He doesnt use any cultural or patriotic cliches.

The days of Alexandria.

The collection of the poems.
The edition Znanier Saint-Petersburg, 2003
Pages -141. The printing is 300 copies

The poems of different periods are included into the collection.

With missing I am as an executor,
Above the world I am ascended.
I am cut with the nails of stars.
And I am put on the Southern Cross.

But through the bloody drops of tears
I can see Jesus Christ
The signs of God are above me
With his wounded hands.

Running behind the night.

Two novels came into a book: A Blue Messerschmitt and Running behind the night.

The society Znanie Saint-Petersburg and Len. Region. 2007
Pages -341. The photos -20. The printing 1000 copies

Both novels is literature of the highest quality. It is on the special shelf of the culture of the end of XX, beginning of XXI century.

Blue Messerschmitt is a novel from 30s to 90s of the XXth century. It tells about love of Russian girl and German pilot. The plot is during and after the war. It was because of collision of two powerful regimes.
An author of the novel studied huge historical material including literature, documentaries of Russian and western serials, the books about the pilots, the planes, armors of soviet and German military men and others. It is possible to read a novel for one time. It is possible to find Morozovs compositional decisions, the style and the language, exact and thin perception of life.

A novel Running behind the night is the last great work of the author. It is the best he could have created with help of Russian language. The novel is polyphonic, tragic, solipsistic, and it is public because of antonymic processes. They took place in the society, in the sky and underground. The language, the form, the stylistics is from the same shelf of his own culture, from his universe, Morozovs universe.



The society Znanier Saint-Petersburg and Len. Region 2007
Pages -315. The photos -67. The printing -1000 copies

Autobiographical story of Y.M. A monkey, the poems; the poems were put into the book.

There is a special reference. It includes all of Yuris creative power works. They were edited and reedited. Yuris life is given in dates.
The story Nowadays having written by his wife, Nina Morozova wrote in chronological order the events of their mutual 35 years family life. She presented a special psychoanalysis of the events. She described the most important stages and dates of his creative power and Yuri Morozovs spirituality.

As for buying (the disks, the paintings and others) write to Nina Morozova. The address is in Contacts

Nine accords

A collection of poems the set An eternal cross
SPb 1993. Pages -94 The printing -1000 copies

One day the wind will cut the tops of

The rocks and the trees,

Dry the sea...

The snow will cover forgotten graves,

Unknown names
The gates

The story The gates

The society Znanier Russia
SPb 1995. Pages- 96. The printing -1000 copies

The story The gates is interesting not only as a piece of literature but also as a historical research.

The history of some Saint-Petersburg cathedrals and the fortune of their priests are presented there. This part is introduced into the plot of the story and the life of the characters.
The color of illusions

The set of poems.

The society Znanier Russia. SPb organization 1996
Pages 87. The printing 1000 copies

I dont believe in music or a word.

I believe only in smell of the flowers.

And in fading of the leaves I believe in again,

And I believe in unmerciful acts of my enemies.

The collection of the poems

The society Znanier SPb. 2004.
Pages -133. The printing -1000 copies

Without breaking,

Without solution

Is the power of time.

I am keeping myself,

And it is my blame,

An ancient passion

Towards dark alleys...

Historic and biographic stories.

Znanier SPb 2003.
Pages -171. 87 photos. The printing 500 copies

An ancient Russian word chernotrop means late time. It is a symbol of tragic fortunes of the characters from three stories.
We can find out about the fortune of Russia through the history of characters lives.
It is the end of the XIX up to the middle of the XXth century.
The last chance

The fantasies and stories.

Znanier SPb 2003. The colorful illustrations.
Pages 237. The printing -500 copies

The fantasy Bluish tells about the fled of two real students from the USSR from the seashores of the Crimea across the Black Sea, They did it using simple rubbed boat. The students were from Leningrad Painting and Architectural institute of I.E.Repine. However, the fortune of the characters develops according to usual plot.

The illustrations of the book give opportunity to imagine the characters and the events as it is from authors point of view.
As for buying (the disks, the paintings and others) write to Nina Morozova. The address is in Contacts.

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