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   Nina Pavlovna Morozova was born in Leningrad on the 5th of October in 1947 in the family of military man (a seaman officer and a sportswoman, ex- champion of the Swimming Union. In 50s Ninas parents continued their sport life and they went over the country and took part in competitions. Thats why Nina lived with her grandfather the most part of her childhood. especially in summer. She lived in Vyritsca her grandfather was a priest in the church of the Supreme Apostles of Peter and Paul. It was an excellent country estate surrounded with the forests at that time. Morozova N wrote about her childhood, the relatives (the priests), the temples in her historical and autobiographical stories such as The Gates, Chernotrop, Nowadays. In Leningrad Ninas family lived in Souz Svyazi Street (now it is Pochtampskaya as it was before the Revolution) in communal flat. There were two big rooms where her fathers mother moved in 1921. Her fathers name was Pavel Nikolayevich. Her fathers mother was a teacher of A Boarding School number 81. It was in Pochtamskaya Street house 4.The family had lived here till the setting in a new place in 1970.

In 1955 Ninas brother, Luzin Sergey was born. Nina finished 11 classes of a secondary school. She studied very well. Since 7 she began to go in for sport swimming in Dinamo, the swimming pool of this society. Her trainer was a famous swimmer of the Swimming Union Shumin A.N. It was the first man in the country who got the badge of a merited master of sport. The studying was taking more and more time and when Nina got the results as the candidate of sport master she left a professional sport. In 1967 she entered the LGPI by Hertscen A. I. at Science department. She graduated it in 1972. She has been written the poems since schooling period of life. At the beginning of 80s she was keen on the painting and art. In 1983 she visited the courses of painting in the Academy of Art.

In November of 1970 she got acquainted with Morozov Y. and their wedding ceremony took place on the 27th of April, 1971. The happiest and the funniest days passed in Alexandria (next to Petergof) and in Karabah thats why there are a lot of poems about this written by Morozova N. She had lived with Yuri for 35 years up to his death in 2006. He loved and respect her husband for the whole his life. They were united not only because of their love but also because of their strong, friendship, and understanding. These things were between them for all their mutual life as in difficulties so in tragedies. Spiritual closeness, common view on life and art made them as the unity forever. Morozova N composed the prose, the historical chronics, the stories, the novels, science fiction. Since 2002 she has been a member of the Russian Interregional Unity of the writers in the North-West.

Art exhibition of Morozova regularly took place in Saint-Petersburg, for example, at the Art Hall in Ohta. The creative work of Nina is closely linked with the creative life of her husband. The album Another World is composed based on his wifes poems. Chinese poetry appeared because of Ninas interests. She participated a lot in many of his early albums. The painting by Morozova is the reflection of her husbands ideas .He offered the compositions of some of her paintings exactly they were The fifth dream of Vera Pavlovna, The full moon, The pilot and others. The couple created a number of watercolor illustrations, manuscripts and photocompositions.

Morozova N created the drawings which became the covers of Yuris albums for example the illustration to Underground Blues and others. After graduating from the institute Nina worked at the laboratory of High nervous activity of the children and teenagers up to the autumn of 1975. Than she was a P.E. instructor and a swimming trainer. It was the period of Yuris activity in yoga and starvation.

Since 1980 she began to teach; now it is her profession. Since 1985 up to nowadays she has been working at Saint Petersburg School of art by Roerich N.K. She has been teaching Science, Plastic Anatomy, Biology, Ecology, Chemistry and Physics recently.
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