Segey Lusin

He is a poet from Saint-Petersburg and a musician instrumentalist. He graduated from the Institute of physical education and sport by Lesgaft P.F. in saint-Petersburg. He is a sport master in swimming, a professor and a trainer. He is a member of The Poets and writers Union in the North- West of Russia.
He has been writing the poems and music since 16.
From 1971 to 1985 he collaborated and recorded with famous rock-musician and sound director Yuri Morozov.

The sole projects:

1. Metamorphosis (the instrumental music) 1978
2. The bright world 1981
3. Panoptikum 1984
4. An autumn mood at noon (the instrumental extract) 1991 .
5. The songs based on Blocks poems 1992 .

In 1989 he organized the band The shelter for doomed. The band: Lusin S (the vocal, the guitar, the acoustic guitar, the keyboards); Kudriavtscev M (the acoustic guitar, the solo); Riagev Y (the bass), Kudriavtscev A (the drums). From 1989 to 1994 he could compose and record more than 70 songs. Such as On the seashore , Sidney, The Blues of cold canals , Colorados Blues, The tragedy in the countryside. These works are known to listerners.

The tape-recorders albums:

1. The shelter for doomed-1 1990-94
2. The shelter for doomed-2 1990-94
3. An island of revelation 1993-94

In 1993-95 Sergey Lusin played in the band Meditation Band. It was an experimental project in a studio of Fogel D. The improvised instrumental music was played and recorded. The members: Lusin S (the keyboards), Drachuk B (the guitar), Kudriavtscev M (the guitar), Ragev Y (the bass) , Fogel D (the drums)

The tape-recorders albums:

1. Mirages and oasiss 1994
2. Greek rapsodia 1994-95
3. The moment of the truth 1995
4. The limits of unknown 1995
5. Snow and the mountains 1995
6. The fugitive from anywhere 1995
7. The caravan 1995
8. The labyrinth of memories 1995
9. The music of the first snow 1995
10. The Sahaara (2-) 1995
11. The parting without tears
12. DIRTY Track 1, 2, 3 1995

Sergey Lusin is a member of the Writers Union. He printed in the set of poems The tinned wings, in the books The days in Alexandria (2003) and The chiaroscuro" (2004)
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