Mikheev Victor Valerianovich

      His Kazaks nickname has been Mikheich since his schooling time. He was born in Leningrad in 1960. In 1965 he could hear "All my loving" by Beatles an understood the main idea of his life. When he was 17 he became a member of the band The blue planet. Zaks Lesha brought him there. He was his friend and classmate, and a drummer. When he began to play in this band everything had been changed that was the cast of the band, the vocalist and even the orchestra. A small group became a band which decided to leave a cosy but with the communist ideas The house of Culture by Sverdlov and moved to the dance club in Toksovo.
      In a year after spending time in the hospital by Skvortscov Stepanov Mikheev joined the band by Dima Fogel, another ideologist of psycho-rock. The played dancing music in Vsevologsk.
      The music became individual made by Fogel. That year Mikheich was able to hear The wedding of the cretins by Yuri Morozov at first time and he swore an oath to play with him one day. In a year Mikheich changed the instrument into the bass guitar at Fogel and the band left Leningrad to Borisova Griva. The Picnic and The crystal globe (Alice nowadays) and others played at the same place. In 1982 Mikheich got into Lenfilm because of O Horevs patronage. He was shot in a film The guys by Asanova D. He was able to take part in this shooting because of his long hair though he was rather old he was already 22. During the shooting in town Priosersk Mikheich organized a group of guys. And when he had free time he played at the discos in the same town. After releasing of the film The Guys Mikheich appeared on the stage with Vitaliy Chernitsckiy in acoustic duet with the author of guys songs. At the same time he continued working at Len film as an electrician so as a directors assistant.
      He also was fond of technical ideas by Morozov Y. Mikheich assembled a four- channeled Porto studio based on two tape-recorders Alf and he started his own career. In 1987 three magnetic albums Hei, the roads! the songs and two electro-instrumental albums Three days in July, The sublimation were released. That year Soldatenkov P, the director of the documentaries, began the organization of rock-n-roll project The game with unknown. Soldatenkov was well known as a person who shot Visotskiy illegally. Mikheich made an acquaintance with the music of Motozov, DDT, Urfin Juse, Bashlachev. And he met Morozov himself.
      At the beginning of 1988 because of Morozov Mikheich could meet with rather unusual couple. It was Ermakov Dima, a crazy football fan, a metal lover and a jazz keyboardist, one of the best keyboardist and Dovshan Lesha, ex-guitarist of Uzbek Yalla The nickname of Ermakov Dima was Fifa. This group recorded the album Replaning at Mikheichs half-destroyed flat. This album was appraised by Morozov. Mikheich was so glad because of this event and cancelled sentence of 209 article the unemployment. He got his discharge. Of Len film and he was deep in his music. Dovshan disappeared and Fifa with Mikheich entertained the foreigners with their home-made improvisation. His neighbor, Sergey Agapov, the drummer of the band Buratino helped them. After some time they met Roma Dubinnikov, a super drummer and a nice man. Gasanov S (the guitarist), Nikiforov F ( the percussionist) joined them as the result free-jazz band Fox-Box appeared. They gave some concerts as the result some more musicians joined them. They were Gaivoronskiy V (the trumpet player), Gnatuk A (the guitarist), Akimov P ( the violoncellist), Maltsev V. ( the specialist in wind instruments) . In a such number due to directors mercy Voskoboinik V the band Room 118 stayed in the theatre By Leninskiy Komsomol ( Baltiyskiy House nowadays). Their room was number 118 it was rather strange, wasnt it? They tried to restore the music by Dubinnikov R We are so sorry of those Who are absent . It was filmed by some French of Polish origin. They could manage it because of Kann A. The geniuses of this band were split up and the band had almost stop its existence. At the end of summer in 1989 Mikheich got an offer from Morozov to join him and went to the south. They did it. When they returned they tried to create a new band to participate in the festival Rock- Avrora. Morozov and Brovko A played the guitar and harmonica, Mikheich played the bass guitar, Fifa Ermakov ( the keyboard) and Agapov played the drummers. This nabd was called later OGPU by Morozov Y. Though Fifa lost his temper as for the discipline in a band and Fifa left the band. They had to study Morozovs songs only.
      In 90s Mikheich got a task from his friend the director Beglov H to compose music to film The dream of the virgin. But unfortunately the film had not been released. Being in Morozovs band Mikheich took part in the records of Morozovs albums The red alarm and The night of the soldier of a machine- gunner.
      In spite of all the events in the country the last album was on recording. Mikheich returned to film industry and composed the music to two films The tango on the Dvortscovoi square and "the Sikimoku. In 1993Mikheich went to Moscow and composed the music to video performance Russia: the time to love . This show consisted of 17 songs based on Jukovas poems. The show had not been shown on TV because of rather big amount of money they had to pay on MUSTV.
      In 1995 Mikheich made the record of the album Idioma in Moscow. He put in into the different film, TV programmes and advertisements. He had done it himself. Only after the millennium he came back to Saint-Petersburg having been trained in many teles-video- cinema professions. Than he played in the band Rn B The delta of the Neva River. In 2003 he locked himself at home and work with his virtual group The CyBear. www.myspace.com/cybearmusic

Victor Mikheev, discography:

Hei, the Roads! (1987); Thre days in July (1987); The sublimation (1987); Idioma (1995); People under sun (2000); Flutoid (2004); Dream & Drop-1 (2005); Dream & Drop-2 (2006); Run (2006); Tac (2007)

The band Panics:
Replanning (1988): Dmitriy Fifa ermakov (keyboards, the composition, the vocal, the saxophone); Alexey Dovshan (the guitar player); Mikheev V (the bass, back- vocal, sitar, the guitar, the recording)

The band Fox- Box:
Oh, the laziness (1989) (the concert): Dmitriy Fifa Ermakov (the keyboards, the composition); Roman Dubinnikov ( the drums, the percussion, the composition); Sergey Gasanov ( the sitar, the composition) ; Mikheev ( the bass guitar, the composition, the sound effects):; Fedor Nikiforov ( the percussion)

The Band Room 118:
Room 118 (1989): Dmitriy Fifa Ermakov (the keyboards, the composition); Roman Dubinnikov (the drummers, the percussion, the composition); Viacheslav Gaivoronskiy (the trumpet, the composition); Mikheev V (the bass, the composition), Viktor Maltsev ( the tuba, jaleika (the shepherd instrument), the saxophone: Alexandre Gnatuk (the guitar); Petr Akimov (the violoncello), Sergey Hasanov (the sitar, the composition).

The band The delta of the Neva River:
The winged horses (2003): Alexey Vorotnikov ( the guitar, the vocal, the composition) ; Igor Mavrin ( the drums, the recording); Mikheev V (the bass, the back- vocal, the texts); Vitaliy Nikiforov ( the texts, the mandolin); Igor Goga Bistrov ( the mastering)

The band The CyBear:
Dream & Drop- 2 (2006): Mikheev V (the composition, the keyboards); Igor Mavrin (the drums); Alexey Digussarov (the guitar); Sergey Steve Nekrasov (the harmonica) ; Igor Goga Bistrov (the mastering)

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