April 13, 2006 Guru from Capella

In the club Orlandina the concert in honor of an outstanding poet, a musician, a sound director and philosophy Yuri Morozov was held. Many of his friends, the clients and fans took part in it.

The respect to Morozov in 70s and the first half of 80s, it was not a fame but it was respect be-cause the fame suggests other relationships with the audience, was enormous. His authority, the knowledge of ant sphere of human life, the secrets, the spiritual perfection and the secrets of sound recording were on the highest level. Tropillo during the period of his fame and Kuherkin on the top of TV career could praise of such authority. I dont speak about BG it is another case. Thats why Mick words about Morozov as Guru from Bobruis is a real respect to him. It had nt been addressed directly to Morozov but it was the fact of the position in many people s eyes who tried to find moral in our life.

Yuri Morozov was a real Guru. He was a shy Guru. His jeans were worn out, his soldiers coat with canvassed bag in his shoulder. He was reserved, common man but with his own dignity.
He was a professional but he didnt refuse to do any other work. He was always ready to help. He was ready to support with the words or activity.
We were friends for more than 25years. I hope it was so. It had been since 1988. Then we had been working for 5 years in a studio together. Thank God for this. I should write with special words about our studio work. If any who had ever worked with him in Capella, Kirhi St Ekateri-na or somewhere yet write some pages about it we will have a big volume.

At all there are only some of the introductory phrases. Now I want to speak about another thing.
The audience at the concert was rather unusual. There were an organizer of this concert a director of Gramophone Recording Studio Igor Deliago, he was the Beatles amateur and a producer of Alexey Lyamin. The recordings with Maestro were the last ones. An average age of the audience was about 40. It wasnt a surprise. The friends, the colleagues, the collaborators, who worked with Yuri as a sound director, gathered there. Morozov recorded everything on the film and then in the figures trying to leave the future generation something. No matter if they need it or dont.
I met many friends whom I saw very seldom or long time ago. It happens during the anniver-saries and during the remembrance event. The people gave his show had been checked for many years.

The program was opened by trio, Dmitriy Fogel (ex-MIFI), the drums, Mikhail Kudriyavtscev , the guitar and Andrew Kudriyavtscev young, the bass and the vocal. I have never heard MIFI had been recorded in Morozovs studio but Misha is sure to be the brightest musician for Yuri. They met when Maestro recorded for the band of Yura Berendukov. Then they both played in NU POGODI and in other works. So Kudriavtscev had left himself in many of Yuri albums. Tri o played three songs. I had missed the first but then I could hear Ballad about the treachery and Cretin by Morozov.

The second in a program was Volodia Levi. That time he was without the TAMBOURINE. The first album was recorded by Morozov. He sang with emotions one of the touching Yuras song Angel guardian (What should be with me) and he added two more but his own songs The wheel, That is sometimes

Then RAZNIE LUDI appeared and the electricity was possible to feel like it was like before the thunderstorm. They have recently changed the drummer Boris Shaveinikov into Yura Nikolaev. The matter was not in professionalism but it was impossible to combine concert graphics of three or more bands. In this case RASNIE havent lost anything in energy. Nikolaev works in many places thats why it was not a problem for him to have played more than1 hour. They were I have never come, John Lennon, I am not a hero, Nobody you, Superbizons, My fa-ther was peoples enemy, 911 , Goodbye.it is necessary to mark Morozov recorded RASNIE LUDI in Kharkiv period and Peter. The best of their album is 911.
Lesha Lyamin, grew up on the Beatles holidays of Vasin, said, Why dont they sing Yuras songs. As for me it is not a goal. The more important is to sing according to the topic. And Sanya Chenetsckiy, who was appreciated as the best and the most powerful author in Russian rock by Morozov. And he was in the topic too.

Then renewed Avgust set in the hall the metal. Though only the vocalist Pasha Kolesnik was in the band whom Morozov worked in 80s. It was also one of the pages in his biography. In general it is necessary to say that Hard Rock of Saint-Petersburg and metal influenced on Morozovs creative power, especially such albums as The wedding of doomed.AVGUST played the songs The shadow, The Absolute, The Omen and August. Then they left the stage. And the band YABLOKO appeared.

Now I have almost forgot about this band as about the separate one. But now it is with Marina Kapuro. This band began to make experiments with folk and rock. They did it together with Mo-rozov, who had very close, business and human relationships. He recorded their first album. Ma-rina sang solo, sometimes she sang with her sister Tanya. She sang during Yuras recordings. As the result the album Golden Age appeared. Due to him the sisters sang in the recordings of other musicians. They added American folk intonation. YABLOKI (Berendukov, the sisters and two strangers young musicians) sang two songs of Morozovs creative power. The songs were There, where the far lands are dark, The waiting room. They sang and ran away. They were in a hurry to catch the train.

Next band from Narva AVENU, I, honestly to say, missed. I havent understood it to be there. Because their style or the topic were not for this event they played literate, sang well. But I could not catch the idea.

Bur other people were at their place and they were in rather unusual quantity. ELEKTRICHESKIE PARTISANY of Vadik Kurylev. Pasha Borisov went so he had to take bass guitar again. Roma Prokofiev, Dima Kovalev, Misha Nefedov played When it was the wind (with loud solo of harmonica), then they accompanied to Yura Rulev (PATRIARHALNAYA EXHIBITION), Who isnt with us, they are against us . And at last it was blues with Alexander Lyapin, it was the only solo-album Anasha recorded by Yura Morozov.

Then it was Chij&Co. His playing I missed too. Because it was gloomy and Chigrakov was not in fit. He didnt get used to play free of charge, somebody noticed next to me. It couldnt be. There is something yet , I thought. Morozov was like a second father for him. And he felt with Morozov like behind the stone wall. But Chij havent sung any of Morozovs creative power. I havent understood it. On the contrary of Sasha Chernetsckiy he hasnt new songs at all, the songs for this evening. He sang the songs but they were not for the evening of remembrance. Chij know the creative power of Morozov very well. Let God judge him.

In final part I remembered the performance of a composer and a musician Alexander Vidiakin. The recording of his solo album was the first. Where we began to collaborate with Morozov in Melody. The songs name was a sin man. Kate Kozlova accompanied to Sasha. She was on the stage up to late night. It seems somebody played yet. But I was under the impressions. I dont want to repeat an obvious idea, why only the death which shares us forever it unites us even for some hours. Cant we find other reasons for meetings? But Morozov was watching by us from the heavens I think. And there was a smile on his face. Everything has happened as it should have happened. It is the same thing.

Andrew Burlaka

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