Rock during the life

(Charity concert in honor of Yuri Morozov)
On April 13 in a club Orlandina a big charity concert in honor of Yuri Morozov took place. A brilliant sound director, a musician, a composer, a writer died on February 23. Yuri recorded a great deal of music. He worked as a sound director in Melody, a studio in Saint-Petersburg. He worked with a lot of musicians and groups. They were DDT, Aquarium, Tambourine, Avgust, Pochta, Oblachniy Krai, Alexander Lyapin, Vadim Kurylev, the duet Gaivor-onskiy-Volkiv, the duet Zikr, classical and jazz musicians, and others. There are very many his solo songs. Yuri recorded more than 60 albums. He usually said, I am tired to count them my-self. Once it is such number next time it is another one. I have some experimental albums. I may count them, or not. In general, I have got 64 albums, or 65.Thething is I have packed them into CD format. There are 6 -7 released. But the number of albums is 45 Vinyl discs7-8, CDs I am counting (he is using his fingers) one, two, three, fourfive, six seven, six or seven are. I cant even remember all of them. Some are. The last album of Yuri Morozov The naked feeling of absence was recording for some years and was released in autumn of the last year.

The concert in Orlandina may be called a real one- day festival of Yuris honor. Many of the musicians he worked with took part in this concert. Other singers, the journalists, friends, rockers of Saint-Petersburg came there. There was Andrew Tropillo, Andrew Burlaka, the president of rock-club Nikolai Mikhailov, Jennya Glukk, Andrew Fedechko- Matsckevich, Alexander Brovko , Alexey Vainer and others. People were in the concert hall to the end of the concert but it is clear such places are for meeting old friends. Its a pity to have such gloomy event for meeting. The discs of Morozov were sold out in the hall and his novel Underground Blues too. It is nec-essary to emphasis there have been only some of Masters things edited yet.

At first the band of Mikhail Kudrivtscev presented the works they played with Yura in 70-80s. Than Avgust, Marina Kapuro and Yuri Berendukov, Vladimir Levi, Chij&Co, a young band Avenu, Gregoriy Sologub, Alexander Vidyakin, Alexander Chernetsckiy, Nail Kadyrov and Raznie Ludi, Vadim Kurylev and Elektricheskie Partisany, Alexander Lyapin, Yuri Rulev. Some of the musicians could say very warm words towards Yuri Morozov before they started to play. Somebody was playing 20-30 minutes. Someone had played one song. For example, Vo-lodya Levi came alone with the acoustic guitar because the flute player of Tambourine went to Germany, and there was not a band it was 10 years ago. Rasnie Ludi and the block Elektrikal Partisany, Rulev and Lyapin gave very interesting playing.

Why is the bloke? The matter is, at first Kurylev played with his band than one song was sung by Yuri Rulev (ex-patriarhalnaya exhibition) with the same band. He sang the hit ossiane, Who is not with us, they are against us (it is not an old fashioned song). Then Sasha Lyapin joined the partisany. They played with Vadim in the band pyti.
So on April 13 in the concert in Orlandina old friends , the masters of music shoed themselves. Misha Nefedov played the drums. Now he works in the band of Kurylev. But before he played in the band Alisa. He played there for many years. The smell of heavy rock and pschycodelic blues appeared. It was the brightest part of this concert.

Two big billboards of Morozovs photos were in the hall. The line Rock during the life com-bined them. It is the best characteristic of his creative power. It isnt an exaggeration but a very big epoch had left us with him. He worked, he created regularly, he did it up to his end.

George Gunitsckiy, "Rockmusic.Ru"

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