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There were 20 years ago. 400,000s of young people gathered on the shore of the White Lake in Woodstock, the USA. They wanted to prove all people the following: All that glitters is not gold. The grand rock festival was an apotheosis of youth subculture. Many people foresaw the end of this movement. Fortunately, they were mistaken.

For many years after this and up to now it is possible to meet the modern dervishes on the roads of Europe, America, Australia, Asia. They have got only bright clothes and sackcloth bag.
But try to look at their world, try to understand what they think. Switch on your imagination and youll see the things you could not even have dreamt about. It may be the first step of unfinished knowledge staircase of surrounding us world. The world of material and spiritual it may be the first step of Absolute unity.

Yuri Morozovs creative power is like an invitation to such unusual travelling. Is it possible to be a bearer without knowing the way? In our case it may be because when we teach, we are taught.
Much blood has been lost while travelling along the life. The first people found their place in a crazy house. The second ones having understood the senselessness of their searches left the stage and lost themselves in housing. The third ones lived in their own world using only their items.

Listening to Yura Morozov you travel all over this world. This world is sometime out of our consciousness. But it gives the listener opportunity to get into the level of sensitive perception.
The feeling of the BACKSPACE appears. It seems you to have already been A stranger of Blue Star or you to know every bush in Cherry Garden of Jim Hendricks.
I dare to tell our bearer does not know the way. The most of his songs are going through the for-tunes of some individuals. For example, they are Jesus Christ, John Lennon, Jim Hendricks, all our world.

He feels to be a particle in this world. This little part is moving. It tries to go from extreme to an-other.

It is not easy to write about Yuri Morozov. But it is more difficult to write about his creative power. He is a poet, a philosophy, a painter, a musician. All of these are joined into one unity. These are in more than his 60 albums, the diaries of his soul.

In spite of his more than 20 years creative power his first album Retro scope was recorded in the period from 1968 to 1971. Yuri Morozov was known among rather narrow circle of rock-n-roll amateurs.

The matter was not his albums which were not so bad. And the reason was not in his band which he hadnt got in general. It hadnt got a bright name. To read diaries in a loud voice, knowing in an advance there will be a few people who understand it. Most of them make a gossip. It isnt thankful matter.

Thats why it was difficult to find regular musicians. It was difficult to find people who were united with one spiritual world, people who perceived the surrounding in the same way.

The recording of Cherry garden of Jim Hendricks was made at home. Much nerves had been lost. The furious attacks were to. It was because of the primitive techniques. , Yuri Morozov remembers.

-It was like a circus show if you watched its process. I was in microphones, with an iron sheet, with a number of wires, in the headsets. Holding the cane of switching on recording in my mouth I tried to keep a guitar. My right foot beat the tambourine. It was fixed on the special stand with a spring. The left foot was on the regulator of the echo level or the sound. I switched on the re-cording with a head spurt. I spitted out the cane and began to cry, play the guitar, beat the tam-bourine and regulate something. If somebody looked at me they were in a shock.

Sometimes he was able to work more than 12 hours if ideas were holding his attention.

-I have just come back from Devils Bay. I am covered with abscesses. I am sitting with the gui-tar all days and nights. I am composing the texts and the music. I want to tell a lot using new beautiful words.

These are his words after the recording of the albums Jazz at night (1978), the Collection 1 and Rock-2 (1980).

- I have sold out the guitar because of my hostile attack to music. The continuation of the black period is. The diseases are in full swing. It is the negative attitude to music. I am ashamed of playing the guitar.

This disc is the highest level of professionalism. As for this meaning I may say it is the reason of impossibility him to work with the professional-musicians.

-I am afraid of musician- professionals. They enter the temple of music and sound using the same corridors. My way isnt with them. I always play with the amateurs. I tried to be an amateur too. I play because I cant consider myself as a musician. I vomited because of music paper or recording of some parties.

The lyrics of some compositions and rather complex music of the guitar cover the soul and body.
They create the atmosphere of every minutes presence. You feel to be a character of this or that song. It seems you to have heard the music and the words. But it was not here it was out of your consciousness. It is at that place where you restimate the values.

- I have hardly played. The guitar played itself and it was better than I did. I was eager to see the Sun and the harmony. The change of the states from tape to tape was almost stormy. He remem-bered after the recording of an album The initiation into the beauty 1979.

Evgeniy Vitkovskiy is a well-known translator of foreign poetry. In one of his interview he said, He is a translator and a Swiss, a reaper and a pipe player. Today he is trying to find out the name of a gear to an old jockey next to the circus. Tomorrow he will cram a dictionary of a rear-admiral, whose name is Samoilov. He is trying to learn the navy terms. The day after tomorrow
He will find out the meaning of the statement such as green eyes as sapphire.

While you are listening Yuri Morozovs albums you should look through a lot of literature to understand the state of his soul, to understand the chaos of sounds and unusual meanings. For example, such albums as Inexplicable (1978), Brahma Astra (1979), The Chinese poetry (1980). As a rule you get the rewards for your works. So many people opened a sophisticated Chinese poetry or deep idea of an Indian mythology.

Sometimes, as it was in the album Chinese poetry (1980), the topic captures an author so much that the music is pushed away. After listening you cant stand of looking through the works of Tzu Yuan, Lo Bo, and Tao Yuan Min. The same desire appears after each listening of different topics.

- I feel some possession with Ancient China. I feel its suffering of the life. I play out of tune, with dissonance. I am bored. I try to tune the guitar.
And it is true. Some of Yuri Morozovs works may be compared with the painting of Ancient China. Each of his canvas has not got enough art. But it makes each line and each word to be meaningful.

As for Buddhas monks the painting was an important media of their spiritual self-perfection so for our generation of rock-musicians it was the start of the worlds understanding and self-understanding too.

Sorry to say only in 20 years the public had an opportunity to get acquainted with Yuri Moro-zovs creative power. The offered album The Introduction is made up of old and new songs. It is recorded in Leningrad studio of gramophone recording in 1987. Morozov had done it himself.
Be patient, open your soul to the world and you will feel as each string of your creature at first in a quiet way than in a disappearing way than Than the feeling of harmony will fill in the sur-rounding and you will feel an expressing idea immediately. All that glitters is not good.

The author is thankful to Iosif A, Sadchikov M, Morozov Y for direct and indirect help in the writing of this material.

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