It is a hot summer day of 2010. The light wind blows over our tanned bodies among the sugar canes. Warm amber water as clear tea is playing with the rays of the Sun. It covers the sand shoals. I am staring at the ships in a distance of the Finnish Bay. They are moving towards Saint Petersburg. Others are moving towards other seashores. It seems there have not been 40 years. They have passed as a dream.
In 1971 we and me, Yura and my sister Nina were young, full of power and hopes. It seemed a short summer in Saint-Petersburg to be so quick now. It is evening. It is a beach of Alexandria. Yura is with the guitar I am with the harmonica and the self made pipe and we are playing blues. Nina is listening to us. It was so many years ago
My acquaintance with Yuri Morozov began in November of 1970. I have heard his music at first in our communal flat in Souz Sviasy ( Pochtamskaya , nowdays).
Nina and her friend Galina Grigorieva and their group mates got acquainted with the boys at the Crimean seaside in Ordjonokidze. An unknown band was among these boys. It was a band called Bosiaki. The appearance of them for me was like something new and even mysterious. I was only 15. The name of the band was funny. I was listening to the Beatles, the Rolling, Hendricks, Bread, Kinks. My friend Misha Kritich, the Yugoslavian as for his fathers origin, brought the discs from Yugoslavia. He went there to his relatives in summer. . We went swimming to the swimming pool of the Institute of Physical education by P.F.Lesgaft. The boys from our sport group lined up to copy the brought expensive discs. On my opinion another wonderful source of real music was a radio. An old-fashioned radio-set Volga and its waves allowed to listen to Voice of America, BBC, Metronom, the radio Freedom in Roman language. All of this was at the end of 60s it was like music from another planet. Having heard in 1968 Voodoo Chil (Slight Return), Hendricks, Birthday by the Beatles I have understood it was in my taste. And two boys with the guitars appeared in our empty communal flat. There was the process of the flat settling and only our family stayed there yet. 50 of the inhabitants had already moved. I could hear the Beatles, Serches, Mankes and other unknown bands. They were singing
in tertian, their songs in Russian. They were not worse than the Beatles. It was a real revelation and opening of an unknown island Bosiaki under Yuri Morozov. The first concert of Bosia-ki was on November 7, 1970 in Leningrad in our flat. It was a student party of my sister. Yura and his musical partner Kuzia (Alexander Kuznetscov) were liked by me. I was admired with their voices which were not from Saint-Petersburg but the southern with some special dialect. They have arrived to subdue our girls, thought I. At that moment I was eager to be like them. I even wanted to be Yuris friend and played the guitar. The parties were in empty rooms of re-moved neighbors, the Piniyaves. My sister lived there at that moment. And in December Yuri again appeared in Saint-Petersburg. There was much wine, the Caucasus toasts .Their songs were everywhere. The words of his songs were sung out in a smoke and darkness, Once in the morning when the sky could not get into the window. And it seems all of the Sun is for you. So it means this spring. The Spring
Alexandrias beach is at the shore of the Finnish Bay. It is next to the bottom garden of the foun-tains in New Petergof.

They seemed to bring the warmth from the far and unknown Ordjonokidze. When I was already sleeping all of the rest guests went into all empty rooms. But it was very late night. In the morn-ing without guessing why the smell was so awful I tried to find interesting music winding the radio set. And only in some time I realized it to be the smell of the drug and the Caucasus mari-juana. Kusia was fond of it only. They say he became drug addicted and depredated. By the way nobody knows his fortune. Morozov drank only dry wine and araka ( the Osetian self-made al-coholic drink).
Next time Yura was to arrive on New Year in 1971. Nina was waiting for him. She was excited. But because of bad weather conditions the flight arrived to Leningrad than turned around and landed in Moscow. So the boys came to Saint-Petersburg only on January 1.

On January 24, 1971 our family left the communal flat in Pochtamskaya as other inhabitants. We moved to a new flat in Ligovo. I went swimming professionally with well-known trainers
such as Kitaev Vladimir Fedorovich and Bragina Valentina Dmitrievna. I spent time training and going to the competitions. On March 1 during the match Moscow- Leningrad it took place in Moscows swimming pool Dinamo I became a silver prize winner and a sport master in the USSR. But on March 28 I became a champion of the winter competition in the USSR among the young men in Donetsk. Nevertheless the idea about playing music did not want to leave me. Yura came to my sister. They telephoned, sent messages. Some time he sent me the records of the Beatles, CCR and Rare Earth.
So on April 27 the wedding ceremony of Yura and Nina took place. Many people, well-known and unknown, relatives arrived. Yura and Nina were smart. Yura was in a black suit with stand-up collar as the Beatles had. Nina was in a white short dress as Bridgette Bordeaux. Yura and Kusia in a white suit gave a concert after the official formal part. They made everybody fell in love in them with reveal and amazing playing of the Beatless songs.

The summer of 1971 passed in Alexandria. It was a roaming over the park and the seashore of the bay. We became real friends with Yura. His ambition to create music admired me a lot. We often dreamed and made up fantasy to have our own studio with good instruments in the future.
My first attempts to play the guitar began. In a couple of months I was able to play some simple music. Yura was rather patient towards me. I was rather talented student too. I was able to play the piano and the harmonica. Three of us went to the seashore and tried to play music for along time. Later I studied to play the flute.
In autumn Yura began to record using sound covering. I helped him sometimes. 1972-1973 brought the new splash of the creative power in fantasy and mutual work with many songs which were gathered in the albums and the discs later. The work with Cherry Garden of Jim Hen-dricks began. This name appeared as a joke. We were sitting and chatting about Chekhov and remembered Cherry Garden. It was June and everything was in blossom. Chekhovs characters was not performed in Fenderah and a cherry garden was cut out. Nobody knew why it had happened. As for Hendricks he would not have done it! And Maha-Cherry too. It s a pity Hendricks died so lets Cherry Garden of Jim Hendricks will be. Let it be in blossom forever. Sometimes I missed the classes in the institute because in the morning and day hours we could record music at home without bothering of the neighbors. Yura usually had evening or night re-cording in Capella. Yura was working with the recording of Cherry Garden of Jim Hendricks for the whole summer. It was a mixture of musical and life energy. His brave decisions applied in the home studio and the transformed tape-recorders Idas- 2-echo and Jupiter -201 stereo allowed him to embody his musical ideas and did it with rather good quality. He always tried to combine the music quality, the text, the performance with rather high quality of sound. At this period he was working as a sound engineer in a studio Melody . He also tried to be closer to musical life and sound recording literature. Our energy full mother influenced a lot with the em-ployment on this position. At that moment I had understood Morosov not to be a crazy man but a very talented person. He was gifted, very hard working, ready to get his goal and a creator. His aim to create his own things, to reproduce his own ideas to listener and may be to change the philosophy of life, to make it better. It was the souls demands, Gods message.

In spring of 1973 we met to rehearse at our place in Ligovo. The members were U.Morozov ( the guitar), me ( the harmonica), Svetlichniy Andrew ( Michael Kristichs friend ) ( the bass). The function of the drums played the tape-recording phonogram. We had rehearsed and even recorded Have you ever seen the Rain?, It*s just a though ; Repent Walpurgis, A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum and some other Yuras songs. To my sorry this really unique and rare recording had been lost by my acquaintance who begged it to give him for some time. Andrew came with his popular bass-guitar Orfei. We were playing for several hours with the switching tape-recorder Volga . We managed it. We had some rehearsals in May yet. In 1978 Svetlichniy moved to England, in a year to the USA, Boston. He finished the school with excellent results there. It was the school for restores and tuners. A talented young man was noticed and invited to work in a well-known piano and grand piano company BALDWINHe moved to New York and in some time he became the professional in it. He worked with Leonard Bernstine, Billy Joal, Yo-YoMA and other famous musicians. Last time when I met him it was 1992. Andrew arrived to Saint-Petersburg with his family. Sorry to say but he died in 1998 after short time but hard disease.

On April 29, 1973 Yura, Nina, my friend Mick Kristich and me were trying to get to the event in The Academy of Art at architectural department. Yura Nikitin was a Komsomol leader in the Academy, a professional swimmer thats why he was our mothers student. Our mother was working for along time as a swimming trainer and a professor of PE in this institution. So he could help us to get there through the entrance in 3d line of Vasilievskiy Island. For half an hour we were tried to hide from the policemen in the corridors of an old building .The last were trying to stop everybody who might spoil the evening event. At last we got to a famous place Pair of compasses .It was a spacious class of hemi circular shape. All of the architectural students, the professors with the dean were there. The amateur performances were showed on the stage. Funny self made films were presented too. Everything was smart, humorous and cool.
Than suddenly rock-band Saint-Petersburg appeared. Lemehovs solo impressed deeply.
I am still keeping this evenings ticket given me as a present by one of the student till nowadays. It was made on photo paper and it is like an invaluable antique thing for me. We were absorbed in the atmosphere of freedom and uninhibited behavior and new impressions. Yura filled himself with emotions and citys life of the musicians and painters. It was a kind of support for his crea-tive power. He constantly composed music, the texts of his songs, the poems. He began to work with a prose too. He got acquainted with Y. Loginov , the publisher of Neva magazine. So some period of time he visited his meetings in the House of Culture of the Railway workers.
At this period we recorded together a lot. I helped him to share my ideas. We played musical improvisation as Hendrickss At His Best at home. We presented some instrumental music at Igor Mikhailovs wedding, my cousin nephew.
We sounded rather loudly. Yura was playing something fabulous, I was playing the bass and the invited musicians were playing the drummers. The last told us he had never played such thing. Suddenly one of the guests jumped up and cried out with horror, Its enough. These are fascists marches; it is not a kind of music!

Cherry Garden if Jim Hendricks was completed in autumn. It was the result of extra efforts to record using primitive and old fashioned techniques and old instruments .it had been done with help of additional things used in another kind of music. The appliances helped to create the ro-mantic atmosphere in a combination with the ideas of hippie.
The disc was an expression of inner freedom and independence. It was like an attempt to leave this reality. Yura was very tired but it was pleasant tiresome because it was similar to fathers feelings who was waiting for having his own first baby.
Home-made recordings went on. In spite of a numerous takes and studying of a new extract, It was easy and pleasant to work with Yura. We understood and completed one another. Morozov was very persistent and stubborn in his work. He seemed to be able to get everything he wanted.
He regularly tried to advance his playing technique. Some of the methods had sound imitation basis. It was impossible to avoid. There was a list with ball pen- notes on the wall , hendtik-sation, Zepelenism, Grand Fankovanie and others. It meant the solo had to have some shade and methods of these guitarists or bands.

In autumn of 1974 Yuri joined the army. Nina was crying. They loved each other very much and I loved them. We sent messages with Morozov. I sent him many records to Dolgoprudniy-5. I spent time going cycle over the regions such as Petergof, Strelna, Galchina. Then I went to work as a swimming trainer to a summer camp from Hertscen Institute to Vyritsca. There were 70 girls and 5 boys. It was horrible. I had taken the guitar and the harmonica. I was playing Yuris songs in the evenings. I came home early in the morning sometimes. The most successful was Till there was you, Sometimes, The waiting room, The stars are shining in vain., There are some places, The spring, While the dream is living and some songs yet.
Morozov arrived to Saint-Petersburg sometimes. The sister went to him too. They stayed two or three times at our grandfathers place. He had already died by that time. His name was Domoji-rov V.G. and it was Nina Leonidovnas father. He lived in Himki. Yura created the team in the army too. He tried to teach music his friends and especially the sergeant Voloshko A. from the Carpathian Mountains.

1976 brought many new things. He formed the band. The members were Yuri Morozov, Kudriavtscev M, Anisimov G, Butanov G. It was on the basis of ex-band Nu, pogodi!. It was possible because Lyapin A joined the army. Some times Gusev O played the organ. I played the harmonica. We gave the concerts in Friendship club. It was a club for naughty teenagers. It was in Rimskogo-Korsakova , 2. The atmosphere of hard-rock and blues was in our band. There were dances, beer, girls and strong smoke. The sound of music was primitive a little bit. Yura used self-made pedals. It made the sound better he also used old-fashioned remote control of machine -50. In some years well remember this unforgettable golden time of brejnev epoch. It was exactly the period of foundation of Morozovs music. It was careless but at the same time very difficult, voiceless period. It is interesting when Yura found out about him to be interested by KGB. He continued to deal with home and studio records. He did not think his art to follow opposite the soviet ideology and music.
The life rapidly passed. The parents had taken a fathers sick sister Tscurevskuu G.N.
Yura and Nina settled in her room .It was in Buharestskaya Street. I was getting ready to State exams in the Institute of PE by Lesgaft P.F. It was very difficult because a sick aunts behavior was unbearable sometimes. I could not sleep well at night .But at last I had taken n all of my ex-ams. On July 3, 1976 it was our farewell party in the restaurant Nevskiy next to our Sport fac-ulty. It was joyful and sad. It was the end of my studying, the parting with my friends. I was almost the last who had not been married yet. Without taking into consideration some beaten of our age students and some fought members of the restaurant everything was funny, full of ener-gy, and interesting. We were dancing the gymnasts were doing somersault. The dean and his as-sistant Aljitsckiy were dancing with ex-students. Thats all. The diploma was in my pocket, the institute was graduated from.

On July 17, 1976 was the remembrance day of the Romanovs. My wedding ceremony with Irina Pluskova was to be. We had been dating with her for a year. We came and saw Nina and Yura. We were in the country together. It was mostly Petergof. During the day of our wedding I got some signals but I had taken them as the coincidence. Irinas father, Vasiliy Mikhailovich , a nice man who used his partys position to hold the solemn ceremony in a week. It was exactly at that period of time when the Soviet people were waiting for this event for a month. But the wedding car had not come to my house on time. I had to run and try to find a taxi. In the Registration Wedding Office in Peter Lavrov Street ( Furstadtskaya nowadays) we were waiting for the regis-tration for half and hour. The boys were smiling, the time for thinking again is given to you! When the process of registration was taking place the relatives were sobbing because of their age or joy. The over drunken administrator said, This solemn day of July 19 I want to célèbre But Sorry , said I in a loud voice. Today is the 17th .That moment the lightning splashed and there was a thunderstorm and it rained heavily. There will be something, thought I. But the rest was OK. The ceremony finished. And we got into Volga. But before we had put all of our presents and flowers into the luggage compartment. Nina, Yura and our wedding witnesses An-drew Kazakov and Lena Suhanova drove with us. To drivers surprise the newly married couple did not want to go to Avrora, Marsovo Field or Piskarevskiy memorial, they drove immediate-ly to the restaurant to Novo-Ismailovskiy prospect, opposite the cinema Meridian. There were many people and relatives an of course my trainers Kitaev V.G, Bragin V.D... my friends in sport, my classmate Olga Venetscianova. I loved her in the 10th form. My mother pronounced with deep sigh, You are right Olga. We studied together with your father in one class and we finished school in 1940. It would be better to be on Irinas place.! Her foreseeing came true in 20 years.
The guests had real fun satisfied with different kinds of vodka, wines and snacks. The broken crystal glasses, the cries Bitter! Bitter! The joyful faces were. The band was playing some varie-ty. But Morozov and I had found Kudriavtscev M. They had played real music. I have almost died, The dream, Kretina was played out, of course. The waiting room and other improvi-sations sounded. At the end a woman fell down and broke the microphone prop with a micro-phone. Then it was August and the country house in Vaskelovo. On November 11 I joined the army. The army was Fort Krasnya Gorka, Kronshtadt, and New Petergof in a month, SKF, a house, a swimming assembly. So it was such kind of army. A year passed very quickly.

There were many interesting events in 1977-78. For example, The famous Sat ion took place in the hospital in Kostushko in June 1977. It was the most memorable show of those years. The trio Morozov- Kudriavtscev Petrov stupefied the audience in the hall who gathered to listen to wonderful songs. I recorded it on Dictaphone Sanyo sitting in the 10th row. Zaitscev H record-ed the concert on the tape-recorder Astra 2 The record was not of a good quality but the sound was like a great example of the following hard-rock epoch in Russ. But everything was played in the fastest tempo. It was three times quicker than it should have been. Yura showed the virtuosity of the technique. He confessed him not to have played before. It might have been the vibration of hospital 26 or the flash of inspiration. They said the aim point had been hit accurately. Even Lyapin A, who was there, came up to Yura, he shook his hand. He was examining his cheap guitar for a long time. And then he said, Yura, excuse me, it seems to me it was excellent! In some time he bought this instrument.

The three went out an electric train at the station Suida at night of 1978. Bending under the heavy load of the rucksacks and covered guitars. They were pulling the sledges with acoustics over the snow. They directed towards the outskirts of the countryside where the house with cur-tained windows was. It was possible to hear of the drums. Passing through the passage we en-tered the house and we were met by two people. Moses (Sergey Moiseenko, a painter) was simi-lar to Jim Hendricks but he was a white skinned. His friend Lesha Kuznetscov was a quiet and silent boy he was similar to Ivanushka from the fairy-tale. The wood was heard in the oven . it was a pleasant smoke in a big furnished room. There were old bottles of perfume and medicine on an old chest of draws. An old drum was in the left-hand corner of the room. It seemed to be possible to use it. There was out of tune piano with crashed keyboards. The guitars, the paintings, the wires were there too. We unpacked and gave the instruments an opportunity to get warm .then we were drinking mountain ash up to the midnight. We took it from 50- liters churns. The wine was tasty but the result in the morning was not pleasant for guts.
We were recording The ballad about the stars light with Morozov and Kudriavtsev. We had done some takes.
Kudriavtscev grumbled, Thats all. We have played rather good. But Yura made play more and more. We had done it while it had rather good sound. Misha was in blue underwear. Then we asked him to be taken picture with the bass guitar. I borrowed it from Ladonkin (Orphey with
a big piano strings). He went outside in valenkies, and shorts on the snow. He shivered with cold. Crying out Russian yogis, who are they? we throw snow. Kudriavtscev is crying. Fuck you ! and he rushed into the house. So we could not film anything. Different musicians came to us. The drummers were Igor Kucherov, Jim Pavlov, Yura Nikolaev, the saxophone player was Jim Bogomolov. We created different improvisations where even Moiseenko S. took part. He played the violin according to his words it was Stradivarius violin. I played the harmonica and The flute. Morozov had overplayed. The surrounding in the artists place assisted them in unshod and free playing. The team of creative musicians was created. They were free and unshod.
Yura was very demanded to the quality of music. It was very easy with instruments. We were able to play everything at once. As the result our mood had improved.
It was very difficult to imagine it could have been recorded with the help of three microphones. One of it was Electret and another was a stereo Neumann U-87. Everything was recorded with the help of tape-recorder Yupiter 201- stereo. It had been done with the help of lamp mixer. The balance of music and the balance of acoustics was such good quality that it was nec-essary to combine all of the recorded into the albums. It might have added some revers, bal-anced the levels and added the guitar in some places. Everything was simple and ideal. It was Morozovs method.

On July 4, 1978 according to the official soviet sources, the first concert of Karlos Santana had to be in Dvortscovaya Square in Leningrad in the USSR. Watch the film The banned concert.
Yura and I were sitting in the operating room in Capella by Hlinka M. I. and Yura was dealing with the checking of the apparatus working with the following disk. I helped him with the pi-ano, the flute and the harmonica. We recorded something. We added the music of the flute into the songs. People were gathering on Dvortscovaya Square hoping to see and hear something magnificent. There were already a crowed of people and we decided to look at it at about 17/00.
We were among these long haired men for a quarter of an hour. Yura said, Lets leave this place because of unpredictable results. I had remembered this phrase forever because we had really rather unpleasant results. The concert had not taken place because of the policemen who had dis-persed them.
Many interesting tunes were recorded that summer .The disc A woman -22 was among them. I managed to record Metamorphoses my first album. Mutual understanding was during the re-cording process. It seemed the hands played themselves and the flute to sound itself. One of the records was visited by this woman.

I guessed about Yuras relationships with my wife but I did not bother about it because of my democratic views as for relationships between a woman and a man. Irina Vasilievna flirted.
But afterwards their relationships turned into another more deep stage. I hoped and believed in the friendship and relatives links. The miracle had not happened. In 1985 Dmitriy, a son, was born. At first Ira showed the happiness in our family. A boy was given my surname. Rather hap-py summer we spent in the country house in Vaskelovo. Out parents arrived and everybody was happy. I could get divorced to look at this boy and Yura. I suggested Ira to live without thinking about the past. But she insisted on Dmitriy to be Yuras son. Thanks for honesty. It was like the strike on the back. It hurt me a lot. In the summer of 1987 I lost the sense of my life.
I was drinking the wine and suffering of insomnia for three months. Nobody of them wanted to speak with me about it. Morozov was smiling on the phone and said, You should understand the famine loves me. I answered, Yes, but dont forget everybody pays the wages of sin.

Up to 1985 we had much work. Morozov was constantly trying to starve trying to struggle with his diseases. While one thing had been restored another had already been destroyed. It was diffi-cult for him. One time after 20 days starvation, Morozov and Nina kept to the diet of the fresh vegetables eating together, came to the Universitys swimming pool. Our mother worked there with the students of the Academy of Art. When she saw them she cried out, Look the skeletons have come to swim. Yura had lost 20 kilos. He looked awful Ninas appearance was better.
In 1984 Yura made up of 6 albums. There were canonical among them. They were Auto da Fe, Another World, The care is necessary. He helped me record the album Panoptikum. He seemed to be crazy about the composing of songs and music. But it was not so. As a human be-ing he was ready to create more he was exactly that kind of person. He tried to transform music or song to the perfect quality. The music should be of the highest level because of the profes-sionalism of the sound director.

In 80s Morozov had to visit Liteiniy 4. It was KGB of Saint Petersburg. At the First time he spoke with them about his records, creative power work. At the second time, with Nina, He an-swered the questions the chefs they were traveling to Armenia and Shambala. Once they could find the rest of the cigarettes on the plate and an opened door. Some extra living creatures had visited their place of living. So Morozov copied recorded music or songs. He did them to save one of the copies because of unpredictable events. I had to carry the suitcase with recordings and some banned books too. It was like necessary measures to save myself as the result of perquisi-tion.

After 1988 I met or communicate with Yura very seldom. It had happened our lives were split up. Yura Morozov collaborated and played music with other bands and musicians as DDT, Post Office. The renovation period began in the rock musician epoch. It was a period of legalization. It was allowed to do everything. Underground Blues was published out. It was impossible to publish in the Soviet Period of time. Then it was the work as a sound director with the band Chij&Co. He visited Israel, England and the USA with them. The concerts and the disks of this band were made with balance and qualified sound.
All of Yuri Morozovs works were the result of hard work. There were 46 CD. Each CD had 2 albums. It was the work of a real musician and the Great Master of his work. There will be the time when these works are the part of Russian and world Rock collection.
God had given him a lot but I could not call him a real orthodox believer of the Christian. He al-ways was ready to help others. He was ill for five years of his awful disease. Many things had been done for him by his friends, his relatives and the acquaintances. God was gracious to him.
I thank Yura to have given me musical creative power fire. He was like Prometheus who was able to fire it in me. I am having this fire till nowadays. It was rather symbolical to find out about his death on February 23, 2006, being in Alexandria. I was exactly at that place where we dreamed about the future many years ago.
I am trying to spread this fire .I have not any deadly insults but I have an eternal thing such as music. Got experience is the way to spiritual perfection leading to get awareness about any kind of the art. We should not forget about it in our material cash dependent world. Yura was with music till the end of his life. Let all of his relatives, friends and close people forgive me.

I am at the seashore of the Bay in Alexandria. It is clear and hot summer day. The heat of the sand is in air. The breeze is moving my grey hair. Small waves moving towards the beach stones push them off. There are the same things. They are the Bay, the Sun, the canes. Kronshtadt and the ships are under the visible horizon. The sails of the yachts are there too. 40 years have passed, the world is the same but we have changed.



On January 8, 2011 Sergey Lusin died. It was unexpected and cruel event for his close people who loved him very much.
A poets life is unusual and mostly tragic. It may happen because too much is given to such per-son.
God gave a lot to him. First of all it was his smart and open soul. He was kindhearted, generous and a person with forgiveness. Sergey had musical and poetic gift.
He was also a handsome and powerful man. He was an excellent sportsman in youth period of his life. He became the master of sports in swimming. He got prizes in many competitions. He was a hope of Olympic movement. Any person was able to notice his regular appearance and hazel eyes, a tall height and well-built body.
Alas, but it so happened when you give your love and friendship without profit and do it with extra power everybody thinks that it should be so. As the result you feel you are weak. Some-times women are attracted by proud, cruel and violent men. Sergey did not feel lack of love from his father, his mother, his wife Olga and me, his sister. Many friends loved him for his soul and talent.
I have written a lot about my mother, Lusina Zoi Borisovna (1922-2007) , and my father, Lusin Pavel Nikolaevich. Chernotrop (2003), and Between two worlds (2009) were published. My mother was a priests daughter of Peter and Paul church in Vyritsca. His name was Boris Pavlovich Zaklinskiy. She was also a champion (1944-1946) of the Swimming Soyuz and a sportsman in swimming too. My father was a military seaman. He was also a sportsman. Then he was a professor. He spent much time trying to bring up a young generation of Navy colleges.
Our careless and happy childhood, our house helped him have such poetic soul. Our parents loved us and each other very much. We thought everybody should have such relationship.
And of course, it is Vyritsca. This is a magnificent place where Saint Man Serafim Vyritsckiy lived and taught in 40s of the XXth century.
We grew up in a grandfathers estate which was next to the temple of Supreme Peter and Paul.
Apostles. We lived in another part of this big countryside. It was Oredege. There were unfin-ished forests overspreading to Siverskoye Highway, a mysterious dark pond with golden cru-cians. It had been created by our granny Boris

Our father brought us to the skating rink. He taught us skiing. We visited museums with him. Our mother taught us to swim. She sewed any clothes, cooked skillfully, baked pies. All of their free time was given to us. They loved people and taught us to do the same. Sergey appreciated friendship very much. He respected his friends. He could forgive them and they forgave him. We were very romantic people as all our generation of 60-70s. We were not businessmen.
More than 20 years Sergey were working as a professor of PE an d as a swimming trainer in VVMURE by Popov A.I.
Very difficult family life often spoilt his life. It attracted him not only to write poems or music but also to drink alcohol. All of us bothered about him.
He was married two times and both of them were unsuccessful. About the first one he wrote in his article. The second marriage was with H.N. She thought all the time only about herself and about her daughter from her first marriage. The third marriage was with Olga Igorevna Venitsci-anova. She saved him and supported him a lot. She was very patient to him and loved him and understood his ambitions in art. Seregey had lived with her from 1996 to 2011. But everything cant be controlled by a man. One day Gods will comes.

I am happy to have had such wonderful brother. He was very close spiritually and intellectually to me. I thank the fortune to have had such people as Sergey, my husband Yuri Morozov, my wonderful parents, the aunts, Seraphima and Olga. And I am happy to have such friends who are real and understanding.

Nina Morozova

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