So how often people even dont suspect about the birth of a real legend in your city.
The Future great musicians, the brilliant poets, the painters with world names may go along the same streets. They use the same private buses.
So at the end of 60s of the last century the habitants of a quiet town Ordjonikidze in the Northern Osetian Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic lived and did not know that Yuri Morozov lived and developed in a rock band Bosiaki. He developed as a musician so as an individual.

Yuri Vasilievich Morozov was born on March 6, 1948 in Belogorsk of Krymskaya region.
When Yura was 5 he and his father moved to Vladikavkaz ( Ordjonokidze, that time). He suf-fered because of this movement. But exactly at that place he could hear the Beatles at his neigh-bours house in the area of Chinese square. Since that time a young boy decided to pledge him-self with rock-n-roll and began to study the guitar.

After school Yuri entered The Northern Caucasus mining metallurgic technical college. In 1968 he became a correspondence student of this institute. In a year he and his contemporary, the guitar player, Alexander (Kusia) Kuznetscov organized a band Bosiaki. This name was told to Morozov by his friend Lusi. One of his songs was dedicated to her. They sang the western hits, and the songs composed by Yuri. The band gave the concerts at the dance grounds. It took part in different city festivals and had success. Bosiaki also gave some concerts out of town and in Leningrad.

At that time Morozov began to take records of his compositions. The songs of Bosiaki were put into his album Retroscope- Bosiaki. So today we have a unique opportunity to hear the records of the first rock-band from Vladikavkaz.

The period of creative power in Ordjonokidze was very complex because of instability of Bosi-aki . Rock-n-roll was something new in Osetia. Yuri Vasilievich recollected that the attempts to give the concerts in the street using the guitar finished with fighting.

In 1971 Morozov moved to Leningrad. He entered the Polytechnic Institute at the evening de-partment. At soon Yuri created a home-made studio. He began to make the experiments in the sound area and he tried to create the albums. In 1972 he became an engineer of Leningrad record studio where he was working for many years with the records of soviet pop singers and of course he was working at his albums.

The first album was Cherry Garden of Jim Hendricks (1973). It was recorded in the style of acid rock of 60s. Mysterious and unknown Morozov recorded all of instrumental and or vocal parts himself using track recovering. In 70s he became really cult individual of Russian Rock.
Yuri Shevchuk remembered, When DDT was in Ufa, one of our acquaintances came to saint-Petersburg. He said us that he could make an acquaintance with Yuri Morozov, It was like shak-ing hands with John Lenon. And it was not an exaggeration.

Each of his new albums created a furor in a musical area. There was a special attitude to music and the texts of songs, the high professional level of sounding records. He managed to do all this in Capella. It was a building of Recording Studio in Leningrad. Day by day Yuri began to col-laborate with many musicians in Saint-Petersburg. Sometimes he gave concerts with some of them.

Sorry to say. Morozov was not satisfied with his concerts and he turned to the recording for many years. He decided it was the best way to make the music. Such examples were in the histo-ry of rock-music, for example, The Beatles. It took a decision to go away from the concert psy-chosis in 1965. They began to work in a studio. It gave them opportunity to make the experi-ments with recordings and sound and he developed them.

Morozov was in constant creative and spiritual search. As the result the appearance of different albums were Apocalypse (1979), Brahma Astra (1979), Chinese poetry (1980), Mathew s Gospel (1980) Later Morozov continued the Christian line in his music.

Many of magnet albums by Yuri Morozov were sold out in an enormous numbers all over the USSR. His wife and like-minded person, Nina Morozova was responsible for typography.

His creative power and his own view on music influenced a lot on the Soviet Rock-Musicians of 70s. He also made an impression on Andrew Tropillo, the creator of AnTrop.

However, in 80s Morozov left all of the musicians from the Northern Capital and later from Len-ingrad rock-club. Yuri Vasilievich explained it because of the ideological gaps. Many rock- musicians agreed to follow the demands of the system. Morozov had been a real rocker forever. He had never betrayed his ideal to hippies and to himself

At the end of decade Yuri Vasilievich worked at the albums of DD. They were real friends. Mo-rozov also went on a tour with them in 1988. He was helped by a rhythm section of DDT. Va-dim Kurilev, the bass guitarist and Igor Dotscenko, the drummer helped him. Later Morozov gathered a new band the Orchestra of proud machine gun by Y. Morozov.

In 1995 an autobiographical novel An Underground Blues was published. Yuri Vasilievich told about his life and his creative power since his childhood and the period of ordjonikidze.

The name of Yuri Morozov was in the albums of more than ten well-known bands of Russian Rock.

But Chij &Co was on one of the first places. Yuri Vasilievich had worked at all of the albums beginning from the first sole album of Chij (Sergey Chigrakov). The musicians of the band took part in the recording of their directors music.

By the way, in one of the last interview Chij linked up his long break with the death of Moro-zov. We have not recorded anything since that time, said Sergey with bitterness.
His last album was released in 2001 it had been five years before the death of Yuri Vasilievich.
It is said about the special feelings of genius musician to his work. So as you see, there are people whom it is impossible to replace

Its a pity to realize that Morozovs creative power was not so popular as music of Aquarium, KINO , Alisa, and other legends of Russian rock. The schoolchildren listen to The king and the Jester and if you ask them about Yuri Morozov they only shake their shoulders.
As Nina Morozova said in a documentary about Yuri Rock-monologue (the director of the film Vladimir Kozlov) , Yura hasnt done anything to make himself well-known. He was out of show business and Mass media. It was out of necessity for a man who told the truth in his songs and he composed and recorded music. He acted according to his own desires. He was not only the musician but also the sound director. Morozov was individuality; he was like a mount rising up over Russian Rock. He might have overworked the influence of The Beatles, Jim Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors. He transformed the western kind of rock music and added some Russian spirit. More than 60 albums in his discography prove it. They are available now on CD disks.

I am a habitant of Vladikavkaz and he is a rock musician. I am proud of being born and brought up in the town where Yuri Morozov could hear The Beatles and he began to play the guitar.
Stay alive forever in our minds and thank you for your music, Yuri Vasilievich!

Mikhail Dznov

P.S. Thanks a lot to Nina Morozova who responded my demands and gave the Disks and books of Yuri Morozov

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