The first chronicler and the keeper of the tradition of Rock in Saint-Petersburg. It was the first President of legendary Leningradskiy Rock- Club (in his biography the word The first is met very often though it is very seldom connected with the history of native rock-n-roll). Henadiy Borisovich was born in saint-Petersburg on the 26th of June in 1954. He began top play music and study hippy philosophy under the influence of an elder brother Vladimir (the date of birth is 8/07/49). He was one of the first hippy in the city. Since the middle of 60s he joined the pop- movement. It helped him develop himself because he and his friends and contemporaries were able to create hand-made guitars. One of such guitar was used by leader and the founder of the band MIFY, Danilov Sergey.

In 1971 Zaitscev Hena finished the school. In a year he entered the Leningradskiy Shipbuilding college to avoid joining the army. And in 1973 he and his brother formed illegal pop-club The club of Leningrad music goers . It was in their flat. It was the unity of all the bands? The amateurs of music, music lovers, the starting up journalists, interpreters, the managers of illegal concerts in Saint-Petersburg. In a year the student of the University, Baidak Yuri appeared in their club, he dealt with the concerts without having special education. It was necessary for him to listen to some instructions to manage all this with great success.

Since 1976 It was Zaitscev who began to record all the concerts regularly thats why for some years he was able to collect an enormous collection of records. Since 1977 Pop-Club (Hena Zaitscev) managed to show the records from the Finnish Television. He showed video films and the concerts of the western pop-rock-bands in the country, Solnechnaya.. That summer Zaitscev was able to create the first in the history of the USSR an alternative hippie commune. In the autumn He organized the first in the USSR an independent rock- magazine Roksi.It was made under the influence of Romanova Dusha from the Aquarium band .The name of the magazine was given according to Ilchenko Yuri s idea (ex- MITHY).

The special body (KGB) followed Zaitscevs activity. They had some discussions with him but they could not find anything illegal in his activity. He actively supported the commune which moves from Solnechnoye to Estinia at first and later to the Hauya River near Riga. He gathered information about rock in Saint-Petersburg. He spoke about it in other places. As a manager he was able to organize the concert of the band ROSSIYANEin Tartu, Tallin, and in Moscow. He also sent out the records of the band everywhere and even to the West.

At that time Zaitscev tried again to legalize the activity of pop-rock club in The House of Culture Nevskiy. Vladimir Kalinin worked there as a drummer of AGRONAVTY band. He wanted to give the name to the club as Spektr. It was a club which gave formal lectures about journalism and outstanding people in rock-bands. In 1979 the club moved to The House of Culture By Lenin in Proletarskaya. The legal selling of recordings and the exchange of them were held there. That autumn the best Estonish band MAGNETIC BAND arrived to Spektr to give the concert thats why this band was able to get the opportunity to give concerts out of Estonia.

Since the appearance of home -made club in 70s Zaitscev tried to get a legal status for the club. He tried to do it with the help of his personal contacts. In November of 1979 Experimental Club- Laboratory of Popular Music was opened in the club of RGU in Krasnogvrgeiskiy rayon. Almost all of the illegal manager took part in the cr5eation of it. They were Baidak Yuri, Ivanova Tatiana. Dryzlov Alexander, Ivanov Sergey and others. Zaitscev Hena also participated here he was extra well known in a musical area.

Sorry to sat this club existed only some time. Bit in a year there was another attempt to legalise the club and in January of 1981 it was managed. So Illegal Peter rock movement had been legalized. Zaitscev Hena was elected at the President of this Club. Truly to say this choice was refused by the Special Body (KGB) and in a season he was made leave this position because of only his arguments with official head of the club against of an attempt to exclude the bands Aquarium and Rossiyane from the members of the club or to ban of giving the concerts. He left the club and for some years he dealt with hippie movement. At the same time he went on to be in touch with rock society. He managed to broadcast the concerts of the Peter bands from Byelorussia, Estonia and Lithuania.

In 1983 Zaitscev Yuri was acquainted with the leader of the band DDT Shevchuk Yuri whowas illegal at that moment. It was Hena who was able to manage his first concert in a boiler house of Leningradskiy Vet Institute in 1985. Hena was working there. Alexander Bashlachev took part in this concert too. When the legalization of rock began he retuned to music and became the director of the band DDT in Saint-Petersburg. His duty was to organize the concerts and tours, the meeting with Mass media. In 1987 he took part in the work of documentary the Game with the Strangers by Soldatenkov Peter. Because of him DDT, Yuri Morozov, Alexander Bashlachev and others were invited there. In March of 1989 Zaitscev managed to send to DDT and ALISA the invitations to the rock festival "Hungaro Carrot" to Hungary. He joined them the Agency of the Unions dealing with authors rights. Shevchuk , Kinchev and other club members began to get the authors rewards.

That year Zaitscev split up with DDT, He was working as a Chief Director of Leningrad Community of The Artists. Little bit later he was busy with the point of the authors right. In 1986 hena organized the first meeting of the authors of rock with the Agency of the Unions dealing with authors rights (the USSR). In 1991 he opened a label Ariotrack in Saint-Petersburg. . It was the first branch of an independent, official, record studio of Muscovite Ario. The first legal records Auction, Nastja, Nautiluspampilios, DDT. He released the cassettes ZOO, AUTOMATIC SATISFACTION, Yuri Naumov, Sergey Kurehin, Bashlacheb and others. In 1996 he created and he was a head of The Central Regional Author Institution.

Nowadays Zaitscev deals with conservation and presentation of the wide range of archives and Sound tracks. These works have never been released before. You have never heard these names and it is possible to meet them only in this book.

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